Top 10 things to consider when planning your motor yacht delivery

Motor yacht delivery can seem like a daunting task. Moving such a large,Guest Posting valuable asset from one side of the ocean to another needs specialised skill and careful planning. When you are planning your motor yacht delivery there are a number of considerations.

This checklist will help you plan your motor yacht delivery:

1. Motor yacht delivery captain – will you undertake the journey yourself as an owner-captain, or due to time constraints or skill level, do you need the services of a professional skipper who undertakes motor yacht delivery. Remember a motor yacht delivery skipper can result in a faster delivery, easier insurance and less wear and tear on the vessel.

2. Timing of the motor yacht delivery – if arrival timing is critical, you may want to consider a professional motor yacht delivery skipper. Timing of the motor yacht delivery may also depend on seasonal weather influences.

3. Weather – your skipper needs an intimate understanding of weather and sea conditions. Ideally your motor yacht delivery skipper will be experienced with the weather across the seas you need crossed and have the tools and skill to best deal with unexpected weather during your motor yacht delivery.

4. Navigation – routing can mean the difference between smooth seas and treacherous conditions during your motor yacht delivery. If you and your skipper are not familiar with the route, extra research is required. Ideally, engage a skipper who has experience with motor yacht delivery along your required crossing. Subtle rerouting along the way by an experienced skipper can make the difference between a safe motor yacht delivery and unfortunate incidents at sea.

5. Vessel maintenance – your motor yacht needs to be in safe, working condition before the commencement of the motor yacht delivery.
6. Paperwork – prior to departure of your motor yacht delivery, your delivery skipper should prepare all relevant customs and immigration documentation.

7. Crew – obviously sourcing crew is Yacht Hire Greece one of the first tasks when organizing a motor yacht delivery. Once you have employed a motor yacht delivery skipper, they will organise the other crew members for the motor yacht delivery.

8. Communication – agree on a communication time-table including contact while at sea and reporting post-motor yacht delivery.

9. Owner on board – as an owner, it is of course your choice to travel on the delivery journey. Taking an active part in the motor yacht delivery can enable you to learn new seaman ship skills from your motor yacht delivery captain.

10. Set expectations – this comes back to communication and planning. Whether you use your regular skipper or a dedicated motor yacht delivery service, you need to be clear in your expectations. If you need daily reports, delivery by a certain time or can only be contacted at a certain time of day, let your skipper know in advance. This will result in better communication once the motor yacht delivery is underway.