Which is better the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii?

Thinking about buying a new gaming system? What are the pros and cons of the three major players: PlayStation 3,Which is better the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii? Articles Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii?

PlayStation 3: All PS3s are backward compatible with PS1 and PS2. However, only the 60GB (and discontinued 20GB) models in the US and Japan does so through hardware (the superior option). The 80GB and 40 GB, as well as the PAL region 60GB, all use software emulation for backward compatibility. Bottom line though the PlayStation does not contend: the Xbox 360 has almost the same library at half the cost while the Wii offers exclusive, original entertainment for a quarter of the price, and both have broad third party support, something Sony has seen beginning to wane as their sales have slowed. If you have the money, go ahead and buy. But this system is the beginning of the end for Sony unless they either create a less expensive version or somehow come up with better exclusives. Metal Gear and Final Fantasy are not 먹튀검증 enough, especially since Metal Gear has been appearing more and more on other systems.

Xbox360: The pros to the xbox360 are it is more of a teenager/adult console. Many of the games are shooting or racing games. Online games that xbox360 has are great and work fine. The Xbox will appeal more to the hardcore gamer. The cons to the xbox360 are the games are a little pricey; in the range of $40 to $60 and the console can have problems with the fan and other components.

Wii: The pros to the Wii are it is more of a family console. There are lots of games for kids and teenagers. The Wii price games are in a range of $20 to $50. The primary con to the Wii is it really is not a hardcore console. Online games like Mario kart Wii and brawl are jerky and often do not work.

We found the following information at www dot n4g dot com/wii/News-265586.aspx : “The fifth video game console produced by that wonderful company Nintendo is slated to become the most popular video game system ever created. Set apart from its predecessors because of a wireless remote that allows players to become fully activated within each game that they play, this full interaction mode makes the Nintendo Wii quite possibly the most advanced video game system ever created. Here are a few tips and tricks regarding the Nintendo Wii.

This particular game system was actually first revealed back in 2004 as a prototype at some very prestigious Japanese meetings. In late 2006, it had a giant launch which focused upon four main markets. Like the Nintendo DS, the interaction players was part of the inspiration for the Wii because the more players can interact with a video game, the more addicting it can become and therefore sales, theoretically, would increase.

As an interesting note, this particular game system from Nintendo is the first one that did not sport the Nintendo name. The name of the system is simply Wii and was actually codenamed Revolution and E3 prior to its complete creation. The reason that the final name sounds like the American word we is that they were trying to convey that this console would be about multiple players, and also the intimate interaction between the players and the console itself.”